Build It and They Will Come

Catchy slogan from a popular movie, but not the best approach starting a new business and wondering
how people will find you. We shared our barn venue idea with family and friends and one of them sent
their daughter our way. At that point we had only finished the front of the barn reno, and there was
much to overlook, and even more to imagine. I didn’t have pricing, or tables, or chairs, or much of
anything --except our vision and front façade of the barn completed. It wasn’t long before she said, “I
want to have my wedding here!” I was overwhelmed with emotion-- that she saw the vision-- and
mostly because she put her faith in us that we would get it done. She shared our venue with a friend,
and they booked with us. Another friend stopped in with her son and they decided as well that this
would be the place to start their story. It was such a confirmation to our doubting hearts that this
business could be successful.

Because my daughter planned her ceremony at a church we hadn’t even thought about sites for a
ceremony. We decided on having one site with our barn as the backdrop and within the first year
created a magical space in our adjacent woods. We now have two ceremony locations at Something
Blue Berry Farm and Old Grove Barn.

Something Blue
Barn site

  • Vintage pews and benches for up to 200 guests
  • Arch and whiskey barrels
  • Hide the bride entrance with drapery
  • Flowering landscape
  • Close to barn for power and digital piano

Wooded Site

  • Bench seating for 200 guests
  • 6x6 Cedar Arch with draping options
  • Battery operated speaker with wireless mics and Bluetooth
  • Accessible by walking path or drive to limited parking for guests needing assistance
  • Hide the bride entrance

Old Grove Barn

  • Inside our century old barn with high ceilings and pew and bench seating (200 ppl)
  • Barn backdrop and seating placed on ground in front of barn

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