Dressing for a Barn Venue

Let’s talk about wedding attire

This is probably a risky topic, and your choice of what the bridal party wears as well as style of dress is so very personal. The dress you feel amazing in is always the best but here are a few things to think about as you choose. You will be walking around fields, and gravel areas to get the best photo shot. Make sure your dress can be bustled and practice bustling with your mom and maid of honor. Let your
seamstress know that you will be inside and outside in your dress and make sure the clips holding the
bustle are sturdy. Wedges or chunky heels for ceremony work best for your bridal party to navigate the
landscape. Michigan weather is unpredictable even in summer and bring a cute shrug or denim jacket
to wear if its chilly.

Consider the average temperatures on your wedding day (check www.wunderground.com) for historical
data. The men in your life will appreciate appropriate attire when choosing what they will wear. Be
flexible to allow them to remove jackets after the formalities. Remember they are there to support you
but when they want to hit the dance floor, let them be comfortable. During the warmer months of the
summer, vests only are also something to think about.

The most beautiful accessory you can wear on your day is a smile. Don’t forget how wonderful you are
and what a celebration it is. Don’t let any wardrobe malfunctions remove that smile on your face. Love
outshines it all!!

Something Blue Berry Farm
Old Grove Barn

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