In Honor of National Pet Day

In honor of National Pet Day on Wednesday this week lets talk about including your furry friends on
your wedding day. Pets are an integral part of our families and its natural to hope to include them in
your festivities. Seeing your beloved pup share in your special day adds an extra layer of love and
happiness to the occasions. It’s important to remember that pets are not just animals, they are
cherished members of our families and deserve to be recognized for the joy they bring into our lives.
We have hosted many weddings with dogs, and even a couple of llamas decked out in black tie and veil.
Our farm is home to horses, dogs and chickens and adds another fun pastime for your guests. The Old
Grove even has a miniature donkey. If you would like to include your pet, we can make it happen with
a few rules and some things to consider.

Pets should be leashed while on the property. (Our chickens are often a surprise and tempting)
It’s a long stressful day so it’s a good idea to have someone take them home when their role in the day is

Our bridal suite and man-cave, aka as The Casablanca are heated and air conditioned and your pet can
hang out there until the reception starts.

Assign someone who is not in the bridal party to be your pet handler for the day. Or consider hiring a
professional! Check out Hailey Wright at for all of her pet wedding day services.
If possible, bring your pet to the property during rehearsal or on a prior day to familiarize them to the

Exercise is a great stress reducer and with our expansive property a couple of walks is a good idea.
Finally, please let us know if you will be bringing your pet in writing or email for so we can go over

So, on this National Pet Day, let’s take a moment to celebrate all the amazing pets out there, and honor
them for their unwavering loyalty, unconditional love, and constant companionship.

Have a pawsome day!!!
Carolyn & Steve

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