Insurance Requirements

Insurance requirements:

  1. Licensee must provide a Certificate of Liability Insurance 30 days prior to the Event, whether alcohol is being served or not.  This insurance certificate must include the following terms and limits:
    1. $1,000,000.00 Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability Limits;
    2. $1,000,000.00 Host Liquor Liability must be specifically included in the above coverage; and,
    3. Something Blue Berry Farm, LLC, including its members, officers, agents, and employees, as well as Stephen and Carolyn Rookus, must be named as additional insured.
  2. Failure to provide the required certificate of Liability Insurance is subject to immediate cancellation by Something Blue, and you will forfeit all monies paid up to the date of cancellation.

Insurance can be purchased at the following websites or with a local insurance agent.

Special Event Insurance From