To say there is something special about Something Blue Berry Farm, would be a vast understatement! The overwhelming sense of old fashioned country hospitality is one of the many things that separated Something Blue Berry Farm from every other wedding venue we looked into. Our ceremony looked like something out of a southern romance novel. With the cottonwood slowly falling and a soft breeze rolling past our guests and into the horse pasture, it was everything a bride dreams of it being.
After the ceremony was done, our approximately 230 guests enjoyed yard games, drinks at the bar, and sitting under the abundance of shade trees while our photographer took the wedding party all around the grounds to capture all of the farms scenic photo opportunities. One of the most impressive things we really liked about the barn was the ample room during the reception. All of our guests commented on how spacious and comfortable they were during dinner. The extra space really was apparent when our 230 guests were able to move thru the 4 buffet lines in just under 20 minutes!!
When all the formalities with the ceremony and the reception were done, the farm took on a whole new atmosphere. The string lights were glowing, the outside dance floor was full of guests, laughter was rolling from the bar and our favorite part of the venue, the back patio, was full of people watching the sunset over the blueberry fields. Every aspect of the evening was perfect! But as amazing as the entire venue is, the absolute best part of Something Blue Berry Farm is its owners.
Steve and Carolyn are the type of couple that all newlyweds aspire to be. Their relationship with each other and the Lord is what we consider the special "something" of Something Blue Berry Farm.

Greg and Katie Dietrich